About RAK

REITS Association of Kenya (RAK) was established in 2017 by players in the Real Estate and Capital markets industries.

Formed primarily to promote the growth of REITS in the Kenyan Market, RAK establishes a framework for the development of the industry and creating forums for potential issuers, investors and regulators to engage. Partnering with other REITS Associations around the world, in developed markets, we catalyse knowledge transfer and learning experiences.

We engage the government and regulators on matters facing REITS, including tax harmonization and other incentives. We aim to educate the market about the long term benefits of Investing in REITS.



  • To act as a collective representation of the Kenyan real estate investment sector.
  • To establish an environment for more investments into high quality real estate in Kenya.
  • To establish a framework for the development of the REIT industry, to coordinate investment activities and promote networking possibilities within the region.
  • Vet and recommend service providers who meet requirements e.g. Valuers
  • Set Common and consistent Guidelines e.g. Valuations
  • To act as a Clearing House for Issuers and Investors(a meeting place where potential REITS promoters can access information)
  • Improve transparency and provide quality research and information to local, regional and international investors.
  • Develop common workable standards that meet with international best practices especially in the areas of financial reporting, disclosure and corporate governance.
  • Represent members’ interests through lobbying the Kenyan Government and regulators for functional regulations, viable structures and tax harmonization in order to make the Kenyan REIT competitive within the region and internationally.
  • Encourage and promote the listed property funds industry.
  • Provide insightful market research and data bases that can be practically utilized by members.
  • Establish working committees that can formulate policies and coordinate the various activities.
  • Introduce training and discussion forums to analyze applicable laws and legislation, trends and current issues, improve professionalism and knowledge within the real estate investment industry

News & Updates

REITs Association of Kenya Forges Strategic Partnership with Women in Real Estate

The REITs Association of Kenya (RAK) and Women in Real Estate (WIRE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) representing a significant step towards advancing gender inclusion in the Real Estate Sector in Kenya.

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REITs Association of Kenya Forges Strategic Partnership with Strathmore University

The REITs Association of Kenya (RAK) and Strathmore University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on research and allied endeavours that will promote the growth of the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Kenya.

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CMA approves Fahari I-REIT’s Ksh400M restructuring bid

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has approved a bid by ILAM Fahari Real Estate Investment Trust (I-REIT) to convert its unrestricted ILAM Fahari IFIR into a restricted I-REIT. The Ksh402 million restructuring move will allow IFIR’s Non-Professional Investors to redeem up to 36,585,134 units at a Redemption Offer Price of Ksh11 per unit.

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