Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) Training


Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) in collaboration with REITs Association of Kenya (RAK) will hold a full-day REITs workshop.

REITs present themselves as an investor-friendly, tax efficient vehicle for real estate investment. Accordingly, more effort needs to be put into making the REIT vehicle better understood by various stakeholders. This training aims at providing introductory knowledge about the functioning of REITS as a capital markets product. Some of the topical areas of focus include the various types of REITS and the regulatory framework and the tax and compliance framework of REITS. This seminar aims to form a base for subsequent topical areas of focus.

Target Audience

Real Estate developers; Regulatory institution who directly or indirectly regulate investments, Portfolio & Fund managers; Trading participants, Investors keen to invest in REITS, Custodians, Insurance Companies, Sacco’s keen to invest in Real Estate Real Estate Lobby groups, and Graduates interested in pursuing a career capital markets

Course Coverage

Overview of REITS

  • What is a REIT?
  • Global developments and trends
  • An overview of REITs/property in the Kenyan market

Structure of REITS

  • Key features
  • Investment rules and borrowing powers
  • Criteria for converting a traditional investment into a REIT
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements

Tax treatment of REITS

  • From the perspective of the REIT vehicle
  • From the perspective of the investor
  • Understanding how to invest in a REIT product
    1. Advantages & Disadvantages
    2. Tools to evaluate a REIT
    3. Types of investors in a REIT

Legal framework guiding issuing of REITS in Kenya

  • CMA Regulations
  • NSE listing and trading rules

Real estate market cycles

  • The state of the sector and the competitive and strategic issues around REITS
  • Issues surrounding REITS in the Kenyan market

Trading REITS


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Wednesday 23rd October 2019
8am - 5pm

Pride Inn Hotel, Lantana, Nairobi

Event Closed!