A Deep Dive into REIT Ratings


Speaker: Eyal Shevel - Head of Corporate and Public Sector Ratings, GCR Ratings

Ratings play a significant role in the growth of financial markets by providing critical insights into credit across a range of sectors. They also provide improved efficiency in the credit markets and allow for more transparency in dealings. GCR Ratings is licensed as a rating agency in a number of markets, including Kenya with the Capital Markets Authority.

The REITs Association of Kenya (RAK) in collaboration with the GCR Ratings – An Affiliate of Moody’s Investors Services, here-by welcome you to the Joint Workshop on REIT Ratings.

Topical Areas

  • Introduction to GCR:
    • Who is GCR?
    • Update on Moody’s/GCR transaction and its implications
    • Experience/track record
  • What is the impact of rating REITs
  • REITs rating process
  • How GCR views REITs from a credit risk perspective
  • At what point are the ratings started?
  • Value of ratings to all players vested in the REIT process
  • Tools for rating REITs
  • Global REIT ratings
  • Case study


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Wednesday, 27th July 2022 from 7:00am-10:30am

Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi

Event Closed!